During the year 2015, we collaborated with the designer Pierre Brichet and Caroline Zigeler and Régnier, a company specialized in plywood hulls for a manufacture of offices furnitures.

This workshop was based on a problematic of a material made for a certain type of object with its own constraint. The idea was to realize a playful object which makes sense with the constraint of this specific material. We had spotted the tilting movement that the hulls produced but we did not know how to use it. Encouraged by the dui of designers who advised us to take a look on the Eames Elephant, the idea of a turtle came very quickly. The following month were devoted to make a lot of test in the goal to obtain the most minimalist object possible. Then the next step was to creat a parts assembly system with the minimum of external element.  The last test, but not least, was put the turtle in child hands... To be honest, even if the result was nice, the rocking horse still has good days in front of him... 

Ecole supérieure d’Art et de Design de Marseille-Méditerranée

Workshop with Brichet Zigeler Studio.  In collaboration with Agathe Le Cornec.
Exhibited during The DDay’s in Paris, June 2015

Material: plywood, metal, rubber