Robotic 3D Calligraphy is a workshop led by Thibault Brevet in November 2017 at ECAL with the Master Typography departement.

This workshop was about coding and programming in order to experiment with the possibilities of 3D lettering. For a week we coded the movements of an ABB IRB2400 through an interface 
develop by Thibault Brevet, to produce lettering thank to the hot wire that cut in the polystyrene.

The challenge here was to play with the technical constraints of the machine, such as the positioning of X and Y data, the depth of cut, angle or speed, fo the final obtain a particular typographi character design.

The pretext used for the creation of these letters was that of a general strike against robotic technology inspired by the strikes organized by the American typographers in the 1920s against the
new machines that threatened their jobs.
HEAD-Genève / ECAL
Master Design Space & Communication

One Week workshop with Thibault Brevet

Material: Foam cutter, polystyrene, custom software to run the robot.