Pinecone Story is the result of a workshop conducted with Matali Crasset and David Louveau for the introductory part in ceramics.
The Workshop that began with a Yoga session followed by a tea ceremony and that ended weeks later with the construction of a hut at the end of the Loire valley in a former farm redesign by Matali.

The theme of this workshop was the ritual, hence the tea ceremony... The idea was to create a new one inspired by the ancient rituals of Asia. To create something that once placed in a natural environment would become an experience, which would awaken in us a feeling that came from far back in time.

Pinecone Story is a story, here it is:

„Pine nuts opens a world of discussion, exchange. Gathering this simple source of food symbolizes the meaning of sharing, not just for food, but for time spent together, everyone‘s stories and respect for the land. As a way of saying thank you for the past, the present and the future. „

The object that synthesizes this story is a table with a ceramic tray placed over a brazier. The tray is perforated with holes of different sizes so that we can put pine apples. The embers of the brazier releases heat all around this table and allows the opening of the pine cones. The opening time is like an hourglass that marks a duration. This time is given so that people can talk to each other and exchange.

We worked together on this project, Shiwa Tseng and myself.

Master Design Space & Communication

Workshop with Matali Crasset

Material: Ceramic, Metal, Wood